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Currently, I am still in high school, one more year left, YAY! But over the summer I will be interning with USDA at the Agricultural Research Service located on Cornell University’s campus. I hope to learn more about agricultural, as this is a career field I am interested in exploring. Maybe this internship will help me find out exactly what it is in the agricultural world I would like to do. Hopefully this internship will open more doors for me and allow me to continue to work with agriculture. I plan on trying to recruit more of my friends and family members to participate in the New York Youth Institute.

First heading into the New York Youth Institute, I was very nervous, as I am sure other students were, but coming out I was able to take away a new found knowledge about, not only agricultural world, that I probably would not have learned elsewhere, but also what role I can play in this. There were many great speakers, like Cardinal Turkson and President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, that inspired me. To have actual world leaders take time out of their busy schedule and talk to us youth made me feel like what I was doing matters. There were many more speakers who in their own way inspired me to want to be like them, to want to work hard, and to leave an imprint on the world. The NYYI was a place I loved, every moment was interesting and I was always learning something new while meeting people from all over the US and other countries. It was a great experience, and to know that every other student involved were all working towards the same goal made it just that much greater.

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